storyline #91: Proverbs 10-20 “Get Smart: When Life is Ridiculously Random”

Free files for student pastors and small group leaders:
2 – Proverbs 10-20 – Random (mp3)
2 – Proverbs 10-20 – Random (handout)
2 – Proverbs 10-20 – Random (ppt)
2 – Proverbs 10-20 – Random (sermon notes)
2 – Proverbs 10-20 – Random (service)
2 – Proverbs 10-20 – Random (small groups)
Sermon Series Intro Video:
God was crazy on the move last night as we went through Proverbs 10-20. We kicked off the sermon with another “Jay Walk All-Stars” video, and got to ask tough questions to the smartest man in the world for our game. Then we moved straight into worship, and just praised Jesus for who He is and what He’s done. Then we moved into our message where I tried to communicate that the reason God wrote Proverbs in such a random style is because our lives are ridiculously random! And because our lives are random, we have to be on our toes, think quick on our feet, and be on our guard for momentary decisions and choices we make. Wisdom from the Proverbs has to be ingrained in us, so we must soak in it. In order to communicate this, I let the students decide on the fly…which Proverb they wanted me to preach. Those chose Proverbs 18. I went with it. You can listen to see what happened next.

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