CBSM Game Time: Rock Band Battle

Here’s another game for you youth pastors. We always run our games right after our “service intro video” which would be about 5 minutes into our sermon. We do this to get our students loosened up for worship and to hear the Word. We set-up some Rock Band drums, a couple of guitars, and a few mics. We brought up 3 brave students who got to pick out their 3 or 4 other band members. They named their band, and then their bands took turns to give their best performance to this short clip and epic Christian song…Love Addict by Family Force 5. The winners got a free item from our cafe. Oh, and one bonus round… Bring up your adult leaders/small group leaders/Sunday school teachers to show off their RockBand acting skills in front of the students. We DID-UP our smoke and lights for this performance to make it look as legit as possible. Just one last reminder…they were not “playing” RockBand for this game…just acting it out. Its super easy. Have fun!

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