Framework #34: Best Book Ever – Do I really have to obey it all?

Free files for student pastors and small group leaders:
2 – Best Book Ever – Authority (mp3)
2 – Best Book Ever – Authority (handout)
2 – Best Book Ever – Authority (ppt)
2 – Best Book Ever – Authority (outline)
2 – Best Book Ever – Authority (sermon)
2 – Best Book Ever – Authority (service)
2 – Best Book Ever – Authority (small groups)
Best Book Ever sermon intro video:
Dang…last night…wow! It was one of those nights where we didn’t exactly put our best foot forward when it came to media or creativity. Many things were going wrong (we blame the demons) before the service. But once the service hit…God totally took control! The Holy Spirit moved us out of the way. Jesus said, “Step aside.” And God just did His thing…and you know how He do! We opened up with the See You At the Pole 2010 promo video. Then we had our students pray for about 15 minutes for their schools, for this country, and for the nations. We always pray so that Jesus will be exalted, trusted, believed in, worshiped, and glorified in all things, in all people, and in all places. We then experience just some crazy Christ-centered worship with our band. God totally took over the sermon and spoke to the students like never before. And we ended the night with some hard-hitting worship songs about the greatness of our God in Christ, and how we need to live this life from the inside-out! I wish you could have heard the conversations from all of the students who came up just to say what God had been doing in their lives. God is just doing His thing and rolling just how He likes it. We thank Him and praise Him for it!

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