T.Y. Video and Teen Testimonies: CBSM Advance Mission Trip to San Diego, CA

Its been 2 months now since we’ve gotten back from San Diego…when we were out there ministering with CenterPointe Church. I have a few more resources I thought yall would enjoy checking out. Here is the mp3 of our student testimonies from those who went on the mission trip, below that is the video that CenterPointe Church made for us as a thank you, and below that is an email by Pastor Chuck out at CenterPointe to let us know what all God is doing there since our trip. Please continue to pray for Pastor Chuck Rheam and CenterPointe Church as they are reaching the masses with the gospel of Christ! ADVANCE 2010 Student Testimonies (mp3)

As far as our church services, things have been wonderful.  I’ll start with the most recent.  Yesterday our attendance was down a bit.  We only had 120 in services.  The exciting part is, we still had two guests visiting for the first time.  I am thrilled to tell you that one of the guests received Christ as her Savior.  By the way, one of the families visiting was from the VBS.  We are still reaping the harvest from the work you accomplished a couple of months ago.

Overall, here’s how things breakdown.

Our average weekly attendance for the entire year is 116.

Our average attendance since the VBS is 125.

Our average attendance in the last 4 weeks is 136!

We have now seen 17 people saved either during VBS or as a result of follow-up and people visiting from your efforts.  We have had 42 adults/children visit us as a result of your efforts, and you can see that we have grown by about 22%.  This growth has re-ignited an excitement in our entire church and we are looking for even greater things in the future.

Please be praying for our Friend Day coming up October 10, 2010.  We are trusting God for a great attendance and harvest of souls on that day.  Also pray for our church as a whole.  God has been working on my heart regarding our desperation for Him.  We are putting a strong emphasis on prayer in our services and small groups.  I truly believe that if we will pursue Him more passionately in our prayers, that God will reveal Himself in even greater ways than He has already done.

Thank you for your continued support.  You guys are awesome!
Chuck Rheam

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