CBSM Sermon Video: “Is Moti INNOCENT of Sin?” Romans 2:14-16

Two words that come to mind to describe last night are: EXCITEMENT and GENUINE. All night long the students were truly pumped up to praise Jesus, and the worship just seemed to be more genuine than ever. So the sermon was on “Is Moti INNOCENT of sin?” This is one of the most prominent answers I get from teenagers who think that Moti goes to heaven when he dies (Moti is a man on a deserted island who has never had contact with any other human being, missionary, etc.). So, does God reveal to Moti the existence of sin? Does Moti know that he is a sinner? How in the world does Moti sin? Is he cussing out the island koala bears? Is he drawing dirty little pictures in the sand? Is he torturing any bird he can get his hands on? This is an important message to understand how the entire world is cursed with sin, and how the only cure for sin is the gospel of Jesus!

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