FAKES: An article on teens today who are FAKE Christians


This is an article on a study about how so many teenagers today are FAKE Christians…and they may not even know it. Looks like there are many teens today who are merely “moralistic therapeutic deists.” Here’s the breakdown. Moralistic means that the Christian faith is merely right and wrong, good and bad, rules, and doing what’s right to please God. Therapeutic means that they view God as just a deity who wants them to feel good, who constantly wants them to be merely happy, and who is all about their well-being and self-esteem. Deism means that God isn’t an authoritative and sovereign God who rules and reigns closely with his creation.

If you’re a youth pastor, a parent, or a teen…make sure to read up and take action on this.
Youth Pastors: preach repentance, faith, Jesus, and the Gospel unashamedly straight from the Bible!
Parents: remember the way you live directly affects your teen’s faith in Christ!
Teens: check your faith and make sure you’re for real about the real Jesus, and not some idol you’ve made up in your mind that you just call “Jesus.”

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