CBSM Guest Preacher: Dean Inserra “PROVOKED”

Free files for youth pastors and small group leaders:
4 – Dean Inserra – Provoked (mp3)
4 – Dean Inserra – Provoked (service)
4 – Dean Inserra – Provoked (handout)
CBSM had in guest speaker: Dean Inserra this Wednesday night. Dean is a good friend of mine in the ministry, so when he told me he’d be passing through town last night…I had to get him in to speak. And by the way, pastors should ONLY have in speakers who are better preachers than they are…otherwise its just a waste of time. Dean is the pastor of “The Well” in Tallahassee, FL which is statitiscally said to be not only the fastest growing church in Florida, but also the fastest growing church plant that the SBC has ever had! He is a pastor and preacher who is unashamed about the gospel and preaches it with crazy boldness. The Well is growing so rapidly because God LOVES for His Word to be preached, His Son to be proclaimed, and His gospel to be professed!

Last night dean taught us the importance of being PROVOKED by sin and not just being offended. So many Christians either retreat from the world or just end up resembling the world. Christians shouldn’t just run from the world when there is sin…we should expect the world to sin! Christians shouldn’t just resemble the world in their sin…we should live distinct lives. So, when sin does go down…our Christian response should be to be PROVOKED into Christian action so that Jesus is present for conversion, forgiveness, and restoration. Definitely listen to Dean’s message: PROVOKED!

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