CBSM Announcements for THIS WEEK

CBSM students, parents, and small group leaders:
We are doing something we’ve never done before to encourage you to bring all the unsaved and unchurched friends you possibly can tomorrow night…we’re giving everyone free pizza and drinks from 6:00 – 6:30pm! So bring them all in. I’ve already heard of one guy inviting his whole varsity football team (you go, Appleby!). Then we’ll make sure to get them all back in for our BACK TO SCHOOL BASH on Wednesday, August 25th. Then they won’t be able to help but come back and worship Jesus with us every Wednesday! So, do your part as EVERYONE BRINGS at least ONE! And we’ll see you tomorrow night.

NETMA is attached for your viewing pleasure. Be sure to check out the Reading Plan for this week.
8.8.10 NETMA (pdf)

Here’s what you need to know for this week…

STORYLINE Wednesday Worship (6:00 – 8:00pm)
This Wednesday, we’ll kick-off our new series called “Man on the Island” with the first message “Is MOTI Ignorant?” You’ll love this series as it will challenge you in missions and evangelism!

FRAMEWORK Sunday School (9:15 – 10:15am)
This Sunday, we will all meet in the student building at 9:15am and then go through YOU GOT SKILLS together to learn better how to discover how God has spiritually gifted us for His glory.

MINISTRY TEAMS Sunday Evening (6:30 – 7:30pm)
We’ll kick back up our Student Ministry Teams this Sunday night, August 15th and you will pick which SMT that you will serve Jesus on for the whole fall semester!

August 11: FREE PIZZA night. Yeah, you heard me. We are offering free pizza and a drink to everyone who comes on this Wednesday night of the school year. So talk to your friends, tell them we want to feed them, and get them here on that Wednesday night.

August 25: BACK TO SCHOOL BASH. Our Back To School Bash will be on a Wednesday night this year. We will bring out all of the inflatables, games, and have a cookout for you and all your friends. And then we’ll pack it all into the student building for an epic worship service with everyone who came. The cost is FREE. Just get your friends there!

October 29-31: CBSM DNOW 2010. You’ve GOT to set-aside this weekend on your calendar, free it up, and be here. DNOW weekend is insanely amazing!

January 14-17: CBSM SKI TRIP 2011. Reserve this date on your calendar as we’ll be going to SUGAR MOUNTAIN in Boone, North Carolina to ski it up!

BLOG: Check out our blog ( ) to hear past messages, to watch several weekly videos, to read Chip’s weekly thoughts, etc. You can subscribe to the blog once you’re on there by entering in your email address to the subscription bar on the right side of the page. You can also check out our brand spanking new feature…watching our sermons on video! Our test sermon is on the blog so just go there, scroll down, and press play to check it out.

iTUNES: iTunes has now been updated and all messages through the PSALMS are on there! To subscribe, simply click:

TXT MSG: If you want to receive pastor Chip’s CBSM Text Msgs, then just text him your first and last name @ (256) 777-3055…and you’ll hear from him regularly with CBSM announcements.

YOUTUBE: Go to youtube and search “cbsmMEDIA” for all our new CBSM videos.

SERMON VIDEOS: You can go to and and search “cbsmMEDIA” to see our sermon videos uploaded so far.

FACEBOOK: Make sure to join our CBSM Facebook Page by simply searching “CBSM Facebook” in your facebook search bar.

Only by His grace,
Chip Dean Student Ministries Pastor

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