Acts 19 – “iWorship: by Deleting Idols” (by Curt Mize)

Curt Mize is my go to guy. Whenever I’m out of town and Curt is available, I want him teaching CBSM! Curt will be a sophomore at Auburn University this semester, he is heavily involved in ministry at one of the greatest churches in America there, and he has a heart and mind for Christ. God has gifted him to preach the stars down. So when I was out of town for our San Diego CBSM mission trip, I asked Curt to preach on Idolatry to stay within the Worship series that we’ve been going through. God led him to Acts 19 with a super practical sermon on how to delete idolatry from your life and worship Jesus only. Check it out! 9b – Acts 19 – iWorship by Deleting Idols (mp3)

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