Wednesday on our ADVANCE Mission Trip in SD, CA

Wednesday morning, we got back out into the community and canvassed as many more houses as we could. We basically canvassed over 4,000 houses in 3 days…which means somewhere around 15,000 people got a card on the gospel and on CenterPointe Church.

We then headed to the park to get some lunch, and set-up for VBS. It was our last day for VBS, and we had about the same number of students…around 35. That totalled somwhere around 60 different kids for the whole week. We taught the kids that day the importance of living like and for Christ for the rest of their lives. We had a couple of students saved that day.

Wednesday night we went over to Beverly’s (CP’s children’s ministry director) house for some pizza and chill time. The students just broke out into kareoke and had some fun.

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