Monday on our ADVANCE Mission Trip in SD, CA

Well, call us lazy…but we decided to have a slow morning this morning. We all slept a little late, got a good breakfast, and got out of the hotel at the crack of 10am. We took our kids to walk and climb the hills of the Cali hoods for about 2 1/2 hours. We covered somewhere between 1000 – 1500 houses between the 35 of our students passing out the promo material for the church plant (Centerpointe Church) that we’re serving this week. The church is about 3 weeks old with around 120 in attendance. So even if 1% of people respond to the promo material passed out, then that would mean somewhere around 50 families will visit the church from the 5,000 passed out.

We then ate a quick lunch, and chilled out for a few before setting-up for the VBS…that we call Summer Blast 2010. We had again about 30 – 40 kids come out which is perfect. That is perfect for us because it means each of our students get to personally mentor one of the kids over the course of about 3 hours including: playing games with them, doing crafts with them, hanging out with them for snacks, talking through a missions story time, a Bible study time, a one on one counseling/prayer time, and a Bible activity time. All of our students have the opportunity to personally spend time with and counsel each of these kids toward Christ! I know of a few kids who got saved today from this process! We then had our supper around 8pm, hung out till 10pm, and now we’re back in our rooms until we leave at 10am again tomorrow. So…good night!

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