Do I need to forgive myself for my past sin?

I was thinking this morning on how many people tell me that even though the believe God has forgiven them of their sin, they just can’t seem to forgive themselves. Does the Bible talk anywhere about forgiving ourselves? Not at all that I know of. It only speaks of God forgiving us, us forgiving others, others forgiving us, and us asking for forgiveness from both God and others. Feeling the need to forgive yourself is a lot like feeling the need to give yourself money. If you don’t have money, you can’t give it to yourself. If you’ve got the money, then you already have it and you don’t need to give it to yourself. So in the same way, God is the one who gives us full forgiveness only through the bloody death of Jesus on the cross. If we don’t have His full forgiveness through our confession and repentance, then we couldn’t even forgive ourselves. But if we already have his forgiveness, then we don’t need to give it to ourselves. Read Psalm 32 and 51 for two of the most powerful chapters in all the Bible on confession and forgiveness!

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