FIREWORKS at the FOWLERS: This Wednesday Night

CBSM, tomorrow night will be HUGE! Our worship service will start at its regular time (6:30pm), and we’ll shorten it up to about an hour. Then we’ll all take off and go over to the Fowler family house (directions available tomorrow night) for a sweet cookout and to shoot some fireworks (we love to prolong holidays by celebrating them 3 days later! ha). Now yall listen up, since last year this night was our highest attended night we had ever had. I’m praying that happens again this year! So yall work hard to invite ALL your friends on FACEBOOK, your text list, etc. EVERYBODY GETS AN INVITE!

CBSM Guys: bring a 2 liter with you.
CBSM Girls: bring a bag of chips with you.
CBSM Guy SS Leaders: bring a dessert with you.
CBSM Girl SS Leaders: bring a side dish with you.
Everyone…bring your own lawn chair and fireworks, and bring EVERYONE you can!

Also remember, you must turn in all your WHITE WATER RAFTING stuff such as your $75 (which officially reserves your spot), your registration card, and your medical release form (if you haven’t for a trip already in 2010). We must have ALL your stuff turned in tomorrow night. No exceptions. I hope all yall can come! Aight, doors open at 6pm tomorrow night. See ya then and there.

Only by His grace,

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