CBSM Weekly Email Announcements

CBSM students, parents, and small group leaders:
I’m still thanking God for the strong start He gave us last week in our new series of Psalms “Apps for iWorship.” I was super impressed that after stripping away all the flash and “fun”…our students responded so eagerly with the 90 minutes of focused worship onto Christ! We’ll continue our super-focused series this week with Psalm 8 “iWorship: as Humanity”. I already can’t wait to see what God is going to do in our lives thorugh it!

NETMA is attached for your viewing pleasure. Be sure to check out the Reading Plan for this week.
5.9.10 NETMA (pdf)

Here’s what you need to know for this week…

STORYLINE Wednesday Worship (6:00 – 8:00pm)
This Wednesday, we’ll continue our new summer-long series through the book of Psalms. We’ve stripped away our hilarious service opening video and the crazy game so that we can spend more time worshipping God through His Son, His Word, music, preaching, and prayer. God is deepening us and growing us more than ever before. You won’t want to miss this. Get here…and bring your friends with you.

FRAMEWORK Sunday School (9:15 – 10:15am)
This Sunday, we will all meet in the student building at 9:15am for our weekly announcements and then hear from our CBSM graduating seniors about what God has done in their lives most through CBSM, and their big advice for you to make the most of your time for Christ while in CBSM!

MINISTRY TEAMS Sunday Evening (6:30 – 7:30pm)
This Sunday night, our SMT’s will be back in full-force. So make sure to contact your SMT leader about when and where your team will be meeting…and what yall will be doing.

May 31 – June 5: CBSM Camp Week at the BEACH ($325). This is going to be an awesome week of missions and worship at the beach at our own retreat center. Your $100 deposit to save your spot is due by the end of March. Many other details are on our blog. Just type in “CBSM Beach Camp.” We have 72 total spots available. We want you and all your friends to go!

June 26 – July 2: BASIC Detroit Mission Trip ($350). Check our blog for full details. BASIC is a mission trip to Detroit, MI for training students in missions and evangelism. It is for students currently in 8th grade (in Spring 2010) and up. Important BASIC dates: parents meeting (Feb 21), application due (Feb 24), first $100 deposit due (March 10), second $100 deposit due (April 11), and remaining balance of $150 due (May 13). I pray all eligible CBSM students will go.

July 17 – 24: ADVANCE Mission Trip to San Diego ($750). Check our blog for full details. ADVANCE is a mission trip to San Diego, CA for challenging students in missions and evangelism. It is for students currently in 10th grade (in Spring 2010) and up. Important ADVANCE dates: parents meeting and application due (noon Feb 7), first $100 deposit due (Feb 17), $300 deposit due (April 11), and remaining $350 balance due (July 11).

BLOG: Check out our blog ( to hear past messages, to watch several weekly videos, to read Chip’s weekly thoughts, etc. You can subscribe to the blog once you’re on there by entering in your email address to the subscription bar on the right side of the page. You can also check out our brand spanking new feature…watching our sermons on video! Our test sermon is on the blog so just go there, scroll down, and press play to check it out.

TXT MSG: If you want to receive pastor Chip’s CBSM Text Msgs, then just text him your first and last name @ (256) 777-3055…and you’ll hear from him regularly with CBSM announcements.

YOUTUBE: Go to youtube and search “cbsmMEDIA” for all our new CBSM videos.

SERMON VIDEOS: You can go to and search “cbsmMEDIA” to see our sermon videos uploaded so far.

FACEBOOK: Make sure to join our CBSM Facebook Page by simply searching “CBSM Facebook” in your facebook search bar.

iTUNES: iTunes has now been updated and all messages through JOB are on there! To subscribe, simply click:

Only by His grace,
Chip DeanStudent Ministries Pastor

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