storyline #77: job 38-42 “afflicted: when God laid the smack down″

Free files for youth pastors and small group leaders:

3 – Job 38-42 – Smack Down (handout)

3 – Job 38-42 – Smack Down (ppt)

3 – Job 38-42 – Smack Down (service)

3 – Job 38-42 – Smack Down (small groups)

Sermon Intro Video:

Phillip McBryde (CBSM and Bob Jones High School senior) preached a powerful message on this passage of Job 38 – 42 “When God Laid the Smack Down”.  When Job goes through all his intense suffering and losing everything, God eventually lays the smack down on him, and rebukes Job not to ever wonder or question whether what God does is just.  God is God.  God lays the smack down so that Job knows everything that God does is for His own glory.  In Hebrews 1:3, we see that the radiance of God’s glory is Jesus.  So the way we give glory to God in our suffering is by bringing glory to Christ.  Listen to PMac’s sermon, and understand this passage far deeper as well as how you can bring glory to Christ in your intense suffering.

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