Simple Summary: Doctrine of Providence Sermon

This last Wednesday’s sermon was pretty deep.  So, here’s a short attempt to summarize it simply.  There are lots of tough questions when it comes God’s providence.  The two toughest questions that we covered were why would God create Satan knowing he would cause the world to be cursed with sin, and why would God create Adam, put everything under his feet as the head of the creation, and allow him to fall into sin.  Obviously God knew that this would happen.  The best way to explain this is understanding the “Greater Good Theory.”  The Greater Good Theory says that God IS God so He MUST always do what is absolutely best.  God cannot even choose what is second best because He is God who always does what IS best.  God’s best is what glorifies Him most, and what glorifies God most is a world that brings glory to His Son.  So, why did God create Satan and allow him to sin?  It seems it is because that is God’s BEST way to bring glory to Himself by the whole world seeing all sides of His character: love, mercy, grace, judgment, wrath, forgiveness, etc.  God’s greatest good was to create a world with the potential to sin so that He could show off every characteristic of His nature.  Why did God create Adam with the ability to sin knowing full well what would happen?  It is because God’s greatest good was to create Adam while full-well knowing that Jesus would take His place with everything under his feet.  That is this last Wednesday night in a nutshell.  God can only do what is absolutely best.  God absolute best is the glory of His Son being supremely displayed, and the best what for that to happen was to bring about the greatest good with the world He has created and sustained.  Deep stuff!

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