KTL 2010 – 05 – Preaching the Truth of Your Text

Free files for youth pastors:

KTL 05 – Preaching the Truth of Your Text (mp3)

During this KTL session, we reviewed last week’s session on how to preach the story of the text.  I went back over a few important thoughts with them on that.  Then I had our 4 main preachers share the story of their passage in 2 minutes or less.  They did an excellent job!

The last half of the class was teaching them how to preach the TRUTH of the text.  Truth is so important in Scripture.  Jesus prayed to His Father to sanctify His people through the Truth of His Word (John 17:17).  Truth is what changes lives.  We must bring the truths of out of the stories that we hang on, believe, obey, and live out.  Truth is what God uses to change lives into the likness of Jesus Christ.  Jesus is the way, the TRUTH, and the life.  All truths point to Him.  It is best to keep it simple and let every sermon boil down to one truth.  If we preach one truth, they can focus on one truth.  Let the truth come out of the passage, let the truth be the overarching theme of the passage God is getting across, present the truth in 10 words or less, and make sure the truth is something to believe and not to do (that will be the challenge).  Ok, I’m done typing now…listen to the mp3 for the rest!

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