KTL 2010 – 04 – Preaching the Story of Your Text

Free files for youth pastors:

KTL 04 – Preaching the Story of Your Text (mp3)

During this KTL session, we reviewed last week about how to see Christ as the center of the text you are preaching.  I reviewed with them a little on how to do it, the importance of it, and then I heard back from then on how they saw Christ as the center of the text they are studying to preach. 

The last half of the class session we talked about the importance of the story of their text.  Story and narrative are important to every culture and ever age.  From young kids to elderly adults, telling stories is one of the major modes of conversation.  People remember stories, so it is a huge memory tool for preachers.  People usually remember the illustrations of a sermon than anything else.  I think that is because we don’t tell the story of the text well enough.  We must remember, the Scriptures are not God’s truths that are illustrated by biblical stories.  Rather, the Scriptures are God’s story that are interpreted by His truths.  So the challenge this week was to understand the story behind the passage they are preaching, to tell it well, to see how it connects with the story of the entire book their text fits in, how it fits into the story of the gospel, and the story of all salvation history and eternity.  

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