CBSM Superbowl House Parties 2010

This year, CBSM will be going to 3 different houses for the Superbowl. So listen up so you know where to go.  (come to this Wednesday night’s worship service or this Sunday morning small groups’s to get the addresses and more info)

All 7th – 8th graders: you will be going to the Armstrong house.
All 9th – 10th graders: you will be going to the Munoz house.
All 11th – 12th graders: you will be going to the Dooley house.

All parties are from 5 – 9pm. If the host homes want to kick out out later…they can!

What to bring with you:
Ladies: you need to bring a salty snack or a delicious dessert. Homemade is always a favorite!
Dudes: you need to step up big and bring some real food (sandwhiches, pizza, meatballs, etc.)!
Everyone: bring your friends, and your friends need to bring NOTHING!
All drinks will be provided by CBSM. 

Click this link to watch last year’s CBSM Superbowl Video… 

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