ADVANCE Mission Trip to San Diego, CA

Free files for youth pastors:

ADVANCE Promo Video:

ADVANCE Video Logo:


PLACE: San Diego, CA
DATES: July 17 – 24
WHO: Students currently in 10th – 12th grades
COST: $750
DUE DATES: Parent Meeting and CALI App due 2/7, first $100 deposit due 2/17, $300 deposit due 4/11, remaining $350 balance due 7/11)

“Our ADVANCE Mission Trip to San Diego, CA is an opportunity for you to use all of the skills, methods, and training that you have learned in CBSM, at BASIC, and all throughout your life to spread the glory of Christ to the uttermost parts of the earth (Acts 1:8).  This mission trip will give you opportunities to share Christ, to serve others, to learn more about church planting and missions, and to spiritually grow more in the gospel and transformational likeness of Jesus Christ Himself.”  To see the video promo and announcement slide, just click here…  

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