Quextions: Q&A Text Messags from Nehemiah 3-7 (Persecuted for Christ?)

Quexts are when our students text in their questions from the sermon in our last worship service.  So this video is my humble attempt to answer their questions.  Here are the questions: 

Why am I being persecuted for my faith?

Are there other students being persecuted for their faith, too?

What all kinds of types of persecution are there?

What is my source of strength to stay strong when I’m being persecuted for Jesus?

What am I supposed to do when I’m being persecuted?

What should i start reading if I’m not reading my Bible yet?  

Should I be friends with someone who won’t let me talk about my faith with them?

What about swearing?

Should i be afraid to offend people when I’m honest with them about my faith?

If Satan makes people feel insecure, how can I feel more secure in life?

What do I do if one of my friends is talking bad about another one of my friends?

What makes smoking weed wrong?

What does God say about divorce and remarriage?

Where do science and religion mix?

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