4 Things You Need To Do for the New Year

If you don’t have enough to do, enough football to watch, and enough new year’s resolutions…I’m giving you four more:

 1.  Text me your name and number so that I can put you on our CBSM text list (for CBSM students and guests).  You can get my number any time from me or any of your CBSM friends.  You can also tell your friends to text me and get on our list as well.  I send out texts a few times a week just updating you on our services, our events, etc.

 2.  Join our CBSM Facebook page.  Just type in CBSM and look for the logo that is to the left of this blog article.  We’d love for you to join and keep up with us on facebook.

 3.  Subscribe to our blog.  If you look on the right hand column of this blog, you will see an option to subscribe by putting in your email.  No junk mail will come to you, but every time we post something new, you will be notified of it in your email.

 4.  Subscribe to our iTunes podcast.  The very first post on our blog gives you a link to subscribe to our sermon podcast there.  We’re working diligently on getting our iTunes podcasts up to date right now.  We have too many podcasts to show them all on iTunes.  That should be fixed sometime soon.  Also, we should be kicking off a video podcast of our sermons on iTunes this spring.

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