CBSM SMT’s: our Student Ministry Teams spring 2010 schedule

Free resource for youth pastors:

SMT Spring 2010 Breakdown (doc)

I have never been a part of a church before where students love to serve Jesus so much.  We take it very seriously here…but we have so much serving Him together!  Our students do a very good job at assessing their own spritual giftedness by Christ, picking their ministry team to serve on, and remain faithful to that ministry team.  We started with 4 ministry teams a couple of years ago, we then went to 8, and then to 12.  Now we’re at about 15 SMTs!  So if you’re a youth pastor like I am who’s curious as to what all the other youth pastors are doing, feel free to check this out and steal all our ideas.  Its working…as God is using it greatly!

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