A Session for Students Called to Full-Time Ministry

Free resource for youth pastors:

Call to Full-Time Ministry SS (mp3)

Called to Full-Time Ministry SS Discussion (doc)

For whatever reason, God is graciously choosing to bless our student ministry with an extraordinary amount of students who believe they are called to full-time ministry…or starting to sense and consider that call.  I’m honestly not sure why.  There are nights that I preach the gospel for salvation, and students are called to ministry.  Its weird, its crazy, but its happening.  Just FYI: the biggest TREAT in this entire post is hearing close to 20 teens talk about God’s call on their life and what ministry they believe they’re called to.  Definitely check out the mp3!   

I’ve been feeling extremely convicted to do everything I can to equip, train, and prepare these students for full-time ministry if God so chooses to keep them on that path.  At the same time, I want to keep them as humble and flexible as possible so that they can feel free to humbly bow out if that is not God’s certain call on their life.  I’m also amazed at how many of our students are called to be full-time missionaries.  In most student ministries, the teens want to be just like their youth pastor and become a yp themselves.  Not here!  We do have several called to be youth pastors, a few called to be senior and executive pastors, and some called to be children’s ministry directors…but the majority are called to be missionaries.  I love the fact that all of our students get the gospel, believe the gospel, and they are passionate about getting the gospel out to others…even to the nations around the world.  So besides our KTL ministry, here is another attempt to help prepare, train, and give answers to our students called to full-time ministry.  Check out the mp3 and the microsoft word document for how we’re training them.

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