Quextions: Q&A Text Messags from 2 Chronicles 1-36 (Prayer)

Quexts are when our students text in their questions from the sermon in our last worship service.  So this video is my humble attempt to answer their questions.  Here are the questions:  

Wrap up from last night…

Was 2 Chronicles 7:14 really a good theme verse for the whole book?

Is it possible to grow numerically, in knowledge, witness, passion, serving, in giving our lives, and not spiritually grow closer to Jesus? 

Why pray?  Does it work?  Isn’t God in control?  Doesn’t He know my heart?  Can I really change His mind? 

Why don’t I pray? 

How long/often should we pray?  (1 Thess 5:17)

Should I have a prayer list?  (Dr. Donald Whitney)

Is there a way to freshen my prayer life? 

Is there a specific order or way to pray? 

Can unbelievers pray to God?  (Acts 10)

Will God forgive me of any sin?  Will He forgive me of every sin that I confess?

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