CBSM DiscipleNOW 2009 “i Walk the Line: Walking with Christ thru Spiritual Disciplines”

Free files for youth pastors:

1 – Walk the Line. Spiritual Discipline – Fri PM (mp3)

1 – Walk the Line. Spiritual Discipline – Fri PM (ppt),   1 – Walk the Line. Spiritual Discipline – Fri PM (notes)

2 – Bible Intake – Sat AM (mp3),   2 – Bible Intake – Sat AM (ppt),   2 – Bible Intake – Sat AM (notes)

3 – A Call To Pray – Sat PM (mp3),   3 – A Call to Pray – Sat PM (notes)

4 – QandA – Sun AM (mp3)

DNOW Booklet Inside (pdf),   DNOW Booklet Outside (pdf)

DNOW this year was nothing less than LIFE CHANGING.  After coming back from a Small Group leaders retreat with our adults in September, I was convicted to go with the theme of SPIRITUAL DISCIPLINES from hearing them share their hearts about their students.  So we went with the title: “because You’re mine, i Walk the Line.”  

Many youth pastors do DNOW differently…in every way imaginable.  What works best for our student ministry (and what has always worked best for me) is going with more of a worship service format than a small group driven format.  We open up on Friday night with a worship service full of singing and preaching, and then the students go to the designated homes to discuss it.  We kick off Saturday morning with a worship service, and then send the students out in the community to serve from what they’ve heard.  Saturday night is topped-off with our third worship service, and the students are sent to the homes afterward to talk about what God did in their lives.  Then Sunday morning we do a Q&A from the weekend theme…students ask and we answer (the DNOW speaker and I).  We hope you enjoy all the files that were loaded for your enjoyment.  Our speaker was incredible, our worship band was amazing, and God worked powerfully through the whole weekend!

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