CBSM Event: Alabama vs. Auburn Nite (Nov. 18, 2009)

Alabama vs. Auburn is the biggest rivarly round here in these parts.  Everybody knows it around here as the Iron Bowl.  Well we capitalize off of it here at CBSM.  The Wednesday night before the Iron Bowl every year we’re having a little Iron Bowl of our own.  Here’s how we go bout it…

We go off a point system, and the team with the most points…WINS (shocker)!  The two teams can get points by having the most people on their side.  Obviously Alabama fans will sit on one side, Auburn fans will sit on the other side, and they can coerce whoever they want to sit on their side with them (if they’re like a loser Tennessee fan or something).  We will also give points for the best dressed team, and the team with the craziest dressed fanatics.  Live team mascots such as elephants, eagles, and tigers will also win big points!  Then we will have one competition to give one last chance for points, and the winner of the total points gets CBSM bragging rights for a whole year.  Last year the winner was…THE AUBURN TIGERS!  So yall come out, get fanatical, and enjoy worshipping Christ!

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