FESTimonies: Student Testimonies from our HarvestFEST Revival


Click on the link below to listen to the mp3 of our Festimonies:

Festimonies and Announcements 2009 (mp3)

This is an mp3 of all the testimonies from our students regarding what God did i their lives from our HarvestFEST revival.  The first 10 minutes of the mp3 is how we do our announcements every Sunday morning.  If you want to skip that, feel free as you won’t hurt my feelings one bit.  Just simply skip ahead to 10:00 in the mp3.  We first brought up the 5 students who brought the most friends to student night of HarvestFEST.  We had 850 teens come that night.  A couple students brought over 30 friends each.  Another student brought over 20.  And many students brought 10 or more.  So the first 5 festimonies are from them.  These are an interview that I did with them on how they invited their friends and what strategies they used to get their friends to actually come.  Its hilarious!  But it is also a good way to learn how teens reach out and why teens come to church events.  The next 10 or so festimonies are from the students who were saved and/or baptized during HarvestFEST.  So you’ll get to hear how and what God worked in their lives from this great event and move of God!

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