DNOW 2009 Details: I Walk The Line


DNOW Promo Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3zOPmkb7g3U

The purpose of DNOW is to design a weekend for students to get away from the norm and participate in an entire weekend of passionate worship, intense teaching, deepening friendships, and humbling service opportunities.  It is all about DISCIPLING our students more into the image of Jesus Christ NOW! 

The theme for DNOW 09 is “I Walk The Line.”  Because You’re (Jesus) mine, I walk the line.  The topic is spiritual disciplines for our personal walk with Christ including the Christian’s devotion to the Scriptures and to prayer. 

The cost for DNOW 09 is $35 which includes a DNOW tshirt, food for the weekend, a home to stay in, guest band, and guest speaker. 

The schedule for DNOW is:

Friday: 6pm – Registration.  7pm – Worship Session #1.  9pm – Go to Homes

Saturday: 11am – Worship Session #2.  Noon – Lunch.  1pm – Missions Projects,  6pm – Supper.  7pm – Worship Session #3.  9pm – Go to Homes.

Sunday – 9am – Worship Session #4.  10:30am – Church Worship Service.  Noon – Go home and crash!

All 7th – 12th graders are invited.  Homes students will stay in are designated and separate for the 7th grade girls, 8th grade girls, 9th grade girls, 10th grade girls, 11th – 12th grade girls, 7th – 8th grade guys, 9th grade guys, 10th grade guys, 11th – 12th grade guys.  If you have any questions, email Chip anytime at chip.dean@capshaw.org 

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