Storyline #62: 2 Kings 6-16 “Angels and Demons: Seeing the Spirit Realm for What It Truly Is”

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2 – 2 Kings 6-16 – Angels and Demons (mp3)

2 – 2 Kings 6-16 – Angels and Demons (ppt)

2 – 2 Kings 6-11 – Angels and Demons (fillout sheet)

2 – 2 Kings 6-16 – Angelic Army (outline)

2 – 2 Kings 6-16 – Angels and Demons (Scripture)

2 – 2 Kings 6-16 – Angels and Demons (service order)

1 Kings Sermon Intro Video:

            “Angels and Demons” is the popular movie sequel from “The DaVinci Code.”  The plot is that the Pope dies and the Catholic Church’s four Cardinals are about to select a new Pope from four prospects.  Not only do the four prospects get kidnapped, but the four Cardinals are expected to be murdered.  Not only is it crazy weird plot line, but it also has nothing to do with angels and demons!  Movies like this are cleverly designed.

            “The DaVinci Code” was designed to make the world doubt the Bible.  “Angels and Demons” was designed to make the world doubt the supernatural.  There are some teens who are too fascinated with the spirit realm, and there are others who are completely unconcerned.  We need to have a biblical balance of truly understanding it.  

            Read 2 Kings 6.  The nation of Syria wanting to war against Israel.  God keeps spoiling the surprise attack by telling Israel how to stay away from the Syrians.  Isn’t it awesome how God loves us like this?  I see God telling teenagers all the time through His Word and through godly counsel to stay away from harmful situations.  Sometimes they listen, and sometimes they don’t.  Syria gets rightfully mad, and the king asks for the name of person squealing all their secret plans.  But they told the king that it was God telling His prophet who is telling the king of Israel.  So, Syria went to capture Elisha.

            When Syria showed up with horses and chariots surrounding Dothan, Elisha’s servant freaked out.  Elisha then prayed and asked God to open the eyes of his servant so that he could see the angelic army of horses and chariots blazing in fire.  God did.  Could Elisha see the angelic fiery army?  Probably not, but he know it was there.  There are times I see the demonic sin before my students, and I wish I could open their eyes to see it.  I’m sure there are times I can’t see the demonic sin in my own life that God wishes to open my eyes to see.  God wants us to have a biblical understanding of this spirit realm.

            When were angels created?  Angels were created on the first day when God created the heavens and the hearth to worship God while He did it (Gen 1:1, Job 38:4-7).  What are angels like?  Angels are immaterial, fearsome warriors (Luke 2:9, Heb 1:14).  What do angels do?  Angels are God’s worshippers, messengers, soldiers in rank, delivers of His judgment, spectators of His people, warriors of his army, and ministers to His people.  Did God create Satan and evil?   God did originally create Satan as one of His good angels, but Satan fell from the sin of pride.  When did Satan fall?  I believe Satan’s act of rebellion was when he tempted Adam and Eve to doubt God’s Word in the garden (Gen 3, Isa 14).  The motive of Satan’s pride was that he wanted to steal glory away from Jesus whom he knew God wanted to glorify most through His creation.  One third of the angels followed Satan in his rebellion (Rev 12).  So, there are two angels to every demon.

            That is the best background explanation I can give for those who might doubt the existence of angels and demons, but what about those who become too fascinated?  The writer of Hebrews tells us to be more fascinated with Jesus than angels because He’s more fascinating!  The author says that Jesus is most fascinating because He’s God’s Son, the angels worship Him, He rules the world, He created the world, He’ll reign eternally, and His enemies will be conquered and under His feet (Heb 1:1-13).  Angels are merely ministering spirits to save humanity (1:14).  So, how does that change our lives?  The author says that we should see the glory of angels and worship Christ all the more since He’s more glorious!  The writer says that we should love people even more since we may be unaware and entertaining angels (Heb 13:2).  God uses His angelic army to minister to us and even protect us at times so that we can live lives that worship and glorify Christ from our all-out fascination with His awesomeness.  Angels point to Him!

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