Quexts: Q&A on Angels and Demons (2 Kings 6)

Quexts are when our students text in their questions from the sermon in our last worship service.  So this video is my humble attempt to answer their questions on Angels and Demons.  Here are the questions I answered:

Is it okay to read books like “Angels and Demons”?

Show me in the bible where angels are given the freedom to dwell in earth among man rather than only being sent explicitly by God.

Do angels or anything else inhabit houses?

Did you trick or treat when you were a kid?

Angels have to be sinless to be in heaven with God right?  But obviously satan wasnt being sinless when he led eve astray.  So what happened  with that?  Were angels made with a free will to sin?

How do you tell the difference between an angel and a demon if the demon is masked as an angel?

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