Storyline #58: 1 Kings 5-11 “cbsMtv Cribs: Checkin Out God’s House”

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2 – 1 Kings 5-11 – Solomon Temple (mp3)

2 – 1 Kings 5-11 – Solomon Temple (fillout sheet)

2 – 1 Kings 5-11 – Solomon Temple (ppt)

2 – 1 Kings 5-11 – Solomon Temple (outline)

2 – 1 Kings 5-11 – Solomon Temple (Scripture)

2 – 1 Kings 5-11 – Solomon Temple (service order)

            One of the most amazing houses I’ve ever seen is Tiger Woods’.  Is it me, or is there just something sweet about living on the ocean, swimming in a pool overlooking that ocean, having colored-neon lights in your ceiling, and just having the ability to get lost in your own house?!  People can use houses today to represent themselves by how much money the make, their style, how big their family is, and where they live.  What about God?  Is He represented by His house?  Does He even still have a house?  If so, His house has got to be the most important and incredible house in the whole world!  His house is still around today.  Let’s look at where it is and what it has to do with you. 

            Now that Solomon is experiencing the most peaceful years in the history of Israel since entering the Promise Land, he starts to make plans to build a more permanent temple to worship God (1 Kings 5:1-6).  His motivation behind building the temple seemed to be out of thankfulness for victory in war, having time due to peace in the land, and God’s covenant-command of him through David.  All of the workers involved represented God’s grace (5:13-18).  The size of the temple represented God’s infinitude (6:1-6).  The stone structural frame of the temple represented God’s eternal strength (6:7).  The command behind God’s temple represented His holiness (6:11-13).  The awesomeness of God’s temple represented His glory.  And all the furniture of God’s temple represented His Son (6:23-26).  The OT Temple was where God dwelled, where His Son was represented, and where His Spirit filled.  The OT Temple was a huge deal to Israel as it was where sacrifices would be made for their sin, where priests would represent them before God, and where God would show up in order to worship Him.  By building the permanent temple Solomon is saying, “This is the land God has given us, He has called us to be His people, He has covenanted to be our God, and we will build Him a permanent temple for us and our children to worship Him throughout all generations!”

            As the OT Temple exists no longer today in the same way, is it still present and important for us today?  Absolutely!   After completely ransacking the Temple out of righteous anger, Jesus said that if they destroy THIS temple, He will raise it up again in three days.  John said that He was speaking about the temple of his body (John 2:18-22).  As the dwelling place of God, the filling of the Spirit, the sacrifices, the furniture, etc…the OT Temple was completely representing Jesus Christ, the coming Son of God.  Jesus has fulfilled the need for the OT Temple as He has become God’s house (Col 1:19).

            But wait, that’s not all.  The Bible also says that the true church of Jesus Christ is His body which means the church is the temple.  By this I do no mean at all the church building.  The church building is NOT God’s house!  Rather, the people of Christ who commit to each other to come together and worship Christ weekly under the leadership of pastors and the serving of deacons are the church, the body of Christ, the NT temple of God.  Through Christ, the church is the truest dwelling place of God, the representation of the gospel of Christ, and the filling of the Holy Spirit. 

            Some of you have been a part of a church all your life but are bored because it has become normal to you.  Rediscover the glory of Christ in His temple!  Some have started being a part of a church over the last few years of their life.  Don’t lose your excitement for how God changes your life for Christ through His church.  Some are church hopping and haven’t yet found a church to commit to.  Find one as soon as possible to become a participating member of that body.  Some are just trying it out and haven’t decided if the church is for them.  I pray that you will see the strength, love, glory, and truth of Christ in a biblical church that preaches His Word, explains the gospel, and lives in love for others.

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