Are You Smarter Than a 9th Grader?

are_you_smarter_than_a_5thAre you spiritually smarter than a 9th grader on the gospel?  One of the questions to be on our KTL Leadership Ministry Team was to define the gospel.  Here was a 9th graders answer.  I thought you would enjoy…

The Gospel~ many people think of the gospel as simply matthew, mark, luke and john because it has all the stories with Jesus actually speaking but there is so much more. all through out the bible it is talking about Jesus all the way from genesis 3:15-16 to revalations is all pointing to the center of the whole gospel Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ: The Son of God who was placed in the virgin mary and God said you shall Have a boy and to name him Jesus, mary gave birth to him in a stable in bethleham the city of david. this ultamately fulfilling prophetcies in the book of isaiah and other OT books… Jesus lived a sinless life, he started his ministry at the age of thirty and fulfilled his ministry at the aga of 33 by dying on the cross for our sins. the perfect son of God who knew no sin became sin on our behalf. for while we were still sinners at the right time Christ died for us on the cross. He didnt have to but he did he bore the sins of the world dispised and rejected by many. but like the song says after he died and spent 3 days in the grave the grave could conceal him no longer.. on the third day he rose just as the prophets said…so to sum it up the Gospel is Jesus living a perfect life dying on the cross and rising again on the 3rd day fulfilling the prophetcies.”  

Now that’s the gospel!  So how do you answer the “what’s the gospel” question?  Are you spiritually smarter than a 9th grader?  And my gosh, forgive his spelling, punctuation, and capitalization…he’s only in 9th grade!

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