KTL: Training Leaders in Fall 2009

ministry teams - ktlFree file for youth pastors:
KTL FALL 2009 Application

KTL Fall 2009 Schedule

God made it ridiculously clear when He first led me here to start this KTL ministry.  When I first came there were 3 guys called into pastoral ministry, but there was no ministry seriously equipping them.  So, Spring of 08 God had us start our first KTL semester.  It was a semester of training our called guys on how to preach and teach the Scriptures in a Christ-centered way.  We ended up with about 6 guys that semester in the class.  The next semester, I invited two guys from every grade (8th and up) to be a part of our KTL ministry focussed more on how to be a Christ-like leader.  Then in Spring 2009, we had about 10 – 11 guys who went through the preaching KTL ministry course.

Now, we are in the Fall 2009 KTL Ministry course, and we’re doing things a little different.  This time instead of just an invite process, we have drawn up an application where any student can be a part of KTL as long as they meet all the requirements in the application.  In years past, our girls have not been a part of KTL as we were just getting it off the ground, but now our girls are invited in this leadership semester portion of KTL.  Our awesome children’s ministry director, Suzanne, is teaching our girls and I am teaching our guys.  We have about 20 guys signed up and 10 girls.  We are using the book “Stop Dating the Church” by Joshua Harris to teach our students how to be Chirst-like leaders in their church and in their communities.  I will keep you posted through the semester.

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