B2SB: Back 2 School Bash 2009

b2sbslide092008 Back to School Bash Video:


If you’re a high schooler (9th – 12th), imagine yourself chillin at one of the coolest pools around on a hot summer day with all of your friends and meeting new ones.  We’re not talking about one of those lame kiddie pools, but we’re talking about The Sunset Swim Club in Athens with diving boards, water slide, ginormous lay-out areas, basketball court, volleyball court, etc.  If you’re a middle schooler (7th – 9th), imagine yourself romping around on the coolest inflatable games able to be found…such as: climbing mountains, slipping down water slides, stretching out on the bungee run, sticking to the fly wall, playing a little dodgeball, and getting your jump-on in the moonwalk.  Hard to imagine?  Then we dare you to add onto that a supper of barbecue, pizza, and hotdogs.  And then we’ll close off the night with a sweet all-student worship service, and a drawing for prizes at the very end.  These aren’t the cheesy prizes you find at some skee-ball arcade, but we’re talking gift cards to your favorite stores and restaurants around, iTunes cards, and a “choose your own” grand prize: a Wii, an iPod touch, a flat-screen TV, a Blue-Ray player, etc.   

 I can hear you asking, “Sounds crunktacular…but what’s the catch?”  There’s really no catch.  We’re brutally honest.  We’re totally doing this to serve the teenagers of our community, let you know that the Capshaw Baptist Student Ministry loves you.  And we want you to see what we’re all about.  We want you to come check us out.  That’s why we’re not bringing in some professional band or guest speaker.  We want you to be able to meet us, to experience what God is doing in our lives every week, and for you to learn more about Christ! 

 So come on out with us on Saturday, August 22nd.  The high schoolers will meet for a pool party at the Sunset Swim Club in Athens (on Mooresville road just south of 72) from 1 – 5pm.  Sidenote: let’s be as decent as possible.  Ladies, no bikinis unless you’re going to wear a dark tshirt over it.  Tankini are fine as long as the top and bottom meets…otherwise its still a bikini!  Guys, no speedos…which should be a no-brainer!  The middle schoolers will meet for all the inflatable games at the Capshaw Baptist Student Ministry Building (14944 Dupree-Worthey Road in Harvest) from 1 – 5pm.  Supper will be served from 5 – 6pm.  Our worship service will start at 6pm.  And our prize drawing will be at the end of our worship service.  Again, no catch and no strings attached.  We want to serve you, meet you, and give you the chance to get to know us.  See yall there!

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