Storyline #54: 2 Samuel 7-10 “RELINQUISH: Covenant of the Kingdom”

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            He looked absolutely dumbfounded at me when I asked him a simple question.  I remember witnessing to one of my friends about salvation in Christ, and he would tell me, “Chip, I’ve already got that.  My dad always taught me that you just got to have faith.”  So I simply asked him, “Chris, faith in what?  What is ‘just’ faith?”  He could not answer, and then his faith did not make much sense even to him.  Do you just have faith?

            As we take a look at 2 Samuel 7, my goal is for us to take a look at our own faith.  Do we understand salvation?  Are you truly saved?  What does it take to be saved?  Who is saved and who is not saved?  Do you share the full gospel of Christ with others? 

            2 Samuel 7 starts off with David finally getting a break from war.  While he’s resting, he’s thinking about building a permanent temple for God since he himself has a permanent palace (7:1-3).  This was a very noble desire of David, but God reprimands him pretty hardcore (7:4-7).  God says, “David, who do you think you are that YOU need to build ME a house?”  God is self-sufficient and He doesn’t NEED us to do anything for Him.  God then begins to remind David where he’s come from and where he’s going.

            God told David that he was just a pitiful shepherd boy following sheep.  David was so pitiful that Samuel the prophet of God came to his house to find the next King, and David’s daddy didn’t even come get him.  David was a loser in his own home!  But God tells him that He’s taken him, made Him king, and He has defeated all David’s foes (7:8-9).  “David, remember Goliath?”  God is bringing David to a point of humility which is a place that we all must be at before salvation.  We must see ourselves as spiritually bankrupt and pitiful sinners with nothing to offer God whatsoever. 

            God then told David that He would make His name great (7:9).  The poor forgotten shepherd runt is now famous everywhere!  If anyone has ever heard of the Bible, they know about David and Goliath.  They know about King David.  God is starting to renew His covenant with David – include him in on His eternal covenant that He started with Adam, Noah, and Abraham.  But God’s eternal covenant promise of salvation is ultimately about Jesus…about making Jesus’ name great!  Acts 4:12 and Philippians 2:9-11 are specifically about the great name of Jesus Christ in salvation.  Our salvation isn’t about God making us great, but it’s about God making Jesus great in us.

            Establishing a family’s ruling dynasty is huge during these ancient times.  God continued revealing His covenant to David by telling him that his son would take the throne, and David’s line would rule the kingdom forever (7:13-15).  God promised to be like a father to David’s son, and that He would even discipline his son when he sinned.  Yes, this is talking about Solomon being the next King of Israel, but ultimately this is talking about Jesus being the final covenantal King and Son of David.  But did Jesus ever commit sin?  No!  Jesus became King from enduring the bursting wrath of God for our sin in His sinless body that brought on beatings, bloody stripes across His back, and death.  True salvation is not just praying that we know Jesus died for our sins, but it is admitting that our sins are wicked enough that we deserve Jesus’ brutal death.  A true, saving understanding of the cross drives us to live a life of confession and repentance.

            Lastly, God promised once more that David’s kingdom would endure forever (7:16).  This is not possible apart from immortality.  This is ultimately speaking of Jesus’ resurrection from the dead which is the essential part of the gospel left out most (Rom 10:9-10, 1 Cor 15:3-4).  A true, saving understanding of Jesus’ resurrection is not just admitting its true, but it is a confession to obediently follow the Lordship of King Jesus out of the power of His resurrection.  So, does your salvation sound like 2 Samuel 7?

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