Running From God (Jonah 1 and 4) by Jacob Fowler


Free files for youth pastors:

Jonah 1 & 4 (mp3)

Jonah 1 & 4 (fillout sheet)

Jonah 1 & 4 (powerpoint)

Jacob is one of our past CBSM students who has graduated out of the student ministry and is studying to be a youth pastor while at the University of Mobile.  He is one of our student’s favorite guest speakers whenever he returns and is able to preach during our student worship service.  This time, me and 18 of our students were out of town (along with Jacob’s parents) to San Diego, CA for a mission trip, so Jacob filled in and preached.  It was also on the day before he left for a mission trip to Wales.  Jacob understands how Scripture is in light of Christ and how to apply all of Scripture to daily life.  I’d definitely encourage you to listen to his mp3.

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