San Diego, CA Mission Trip Day #7 and 8

CIMG6509This was our relaxation and enjoying San Diego day.  We shoved off from the hotel in our rentals at about 9am, and headed for Mission Beach.  Mission Beach has the rollercoaster, man-made wave machine, boardwalk, rollerbladers, shops, and restaurants right on the beach.  We were out there between 10am – 2pm just laying out, freezing to death in the Pacific, body-surfing, boogie-boarding, some surfed for real, shopped, ate, rode some rides, etc.  It was such a rewarding day that we thank God for. 

 We then went back to the hotel, got cleaned up, and met our friend George Mitrovich (who we met on the plane) at El Indio: one of the most popular Mexican restaurants in San Diego.  The owner was his friend, so he treated us to a free Mexican buffet style supper. 

 We then took one last brief tour of San Diego in our rentals, and went to the beach one last time for worship and testimonies around a bonfire.  It was so encouraging to hear the student’s personal growth and praises from the week of how God used them and how He worked in their lives for the glory of Christ. 

 We then packed up that night and got very little sleep since we had to wake up early the next morning for our flights home.

SATURDAY (Day 8):  We left the hotel at 6:30am.  Flew out of San Diego at 8:40am.  Got into Dallas at 1:55pm.  Boarded at 2:15pm (it was a close one getting everyone lunch and onto the plane!), and got back in Huntsville safely at about 4:30pm.

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