San Diego, CA Mission Trip Day #5

If I was living in the 90’s, I’d say that Wednesday was totally wicked!  Of course in the 90’s, wicked would be a good thing.  We got up, got grub (breakfast), and got out by 9am.  We went to one more confession session on church planting for our students which really hammered on who are the people in our lives right now that God has given us the opportunity to reach. 

We then took off for the park early where the church plant bought us some CHICFILA for lunch!  Oh yeah, that was a little taste of home for our students to enjoy.  I think all the homesickness went away at that point (there really hasn’t been ANY homesickness in San Diego).  We then set-up for the Olympics ministry events for about an hour, and led the events from 1:30 – 4:30pm again.  This day was a little different.  Instead of having the kids compete in individual events, they were divided into teams consisting of kindergartners – sixth graders.  Each team had about 15 – 20 kids, and they were given a national flag and called that country for the day (Greece, Kenya, Australia, Japan, etc).  The teams competed against each other.  Each team also got to hear a gospel presentation and some received Christ!

We then were fed some succulent spaghetti before leaving the park, and shortly thereafter headed down to the beach.  We were invited to the beach by the church plant’s student ministry.  There were about 20-25 of them waiting on us.  We played them in ultimate frisbee for about an hour.  All I can say about that is…I had NO IDEA how good our students are at ultimate.  We absolutely annihilated the competition.  The two student ministries then quit competing, circled around the same camp fire, and worshipped Christ through singing.  The youth pastor of the church plant spoke for a few minutes with a great challenge, and then we hung out a little more and made smores with the beach bonfire.  It was an amazing night, day, and we’re just so blessed to be here and participate in this!

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