San Diego, CA Mission Trip Day #4

Tuesday has totally been the best so far.  We got up, ate the so-s0 continental breakfast at the hotel, and got out by 9am again.  We went to another PowerPlant conference session on church planting and evangelism for students. 

We then went over to Sally’s for lunch.  We’ve grown to love this woman, and her food is just redonkulous!  Today she cooked us pork, mexican rice, beans, salsa, guacamole, and tortillas (flower and corn).  We were so ready for a siesta after our fiesta.

We then went over to the park at about noon to start setting up for our Olympic Events which was our method to building relationships and presenting the gospel to the children of San Diego.  Last year they had a high of 75 kids show up at the park to be a part of this event.  Today was the first day of the even this year, and we had over 150!  We broke the kids into 7 different teams (a kindergarten team – a 6th grade team).  The teams competed in individual sports today like the 100 yard dash, the tennis ball throw, the long jump, etc.  There were a couple small opportunities to share the gospel, but because of the extremely unchurched area, its very difficult to get into a full-gospel presentation when 95% of the city is completely unchurched (no knowledge of the gospel).  So we started small, capitalized on our opportunities, and shared little bits and pieces when we could.  We will expound more on the gospel as the days go by.  Their team then fed us, and we went back to our hotel for just a few minutes. 

We then drove our students out to Coronado Island which is an absolutely gorgeous drive passing over a huge bridge which gave us the ability to see the skyline of San Diego in the sunset (the drive out) and in the night (the drive back).  Our students went nuts over the beach.  They ran out of the car like little kids running up to grandma and grandpa’s house.  Some of them got in, some of them drew in the sand, and all of them enjoyed just hanging out and taking pictures together.  We then went to one of the little shops on the strip there, and everyone got some ice cream and hung out some more.  We then headed back to the hotel where we prayed together for about a half hour, and then we sent them to bed.

Pray for tomorrow as we seek to learn more about having a heart for church planting and evangelism at the PowerPlant Conference.

Pray for tomorrow as we get deeper in the gospel with the Cali kids.

Pray for tomorrow as we hit the beach again, but this time with one of the church plant’s youth ministries.  We want to be a blessing to them!

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