San Diego, CA Mission Trip Day #3

VisionSDWe had a super Monday.  We slept in a little, ate breakfast, and left the hotel at 9am.  We headed on over to Midway Baptist Church for the “Powerplant” conference for teenagers on church planting and evangelism.  I love that our students have this opportunity to hear about church planting since we hardly ever talk about it or hear about it.  My prayer is that God raises church planters out of our group, wives of church planters, individuals who will be willing to join a church plant someday and help them reach people for Christ.  I want them to have a hear for their city and see Christ glorified in their city.  We sat in two sessions taught by two church planting pastors in the San Diego area.

We then left and went to our lunch paradise.  A lady in the church plant we’re working for is feeding us all week.  She has this paradise-like backyard where we all just chill out and stuff our faces.  She had baked chicken, rice, and beans.  It was crazy delicious!  

We then left for the park where we ran through all of the Olympic events that we’d be leading the children in for the next 3 days (Tuesday – Thursday).  Our students played these Olympic events for about 3 hours.  Unfortunately, we had one of our girls fall on her wrist during one of the games, and she broke both bones in her wrist.  Megan is a warrior though.  That girl is so tough, and she is taking it like a champ.  Somehow, a broken wrist doesn’t hold that girl down for nothing.  After the Olympic events the host churches fed us some Mexican carne asada which was simply yummy to the tummy.  We took off from there, and took the students by Starbucks since they had been whining about it for the last 3 days.  They couldn’t even make it 3 days!  They are such Starbucks junkies.  We then went back to the hotel, hung out for about an hour, and then had a quick devotional on how to lead a child to Christ.  Our students are ready to lead these Olympic teams, they are ready to serve these churches, they are ready to love of these kids, they are ready to present the gospel, and they are ready to glorify Christ!

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