San Diego, CA Mission Trip Day #2

VisionSDWe had the honor on Sunday of leading the whole church service at the church plant we work with.  I was really thankful that we got that opportunity as its something very special to be able to lead worship and preaching in a Sunday morning worship service for an entire local church.  So our praise band and I left at about 8am to practice for the service this morning.  This is definitely a church that thrives on prepartion.  We got there and started practicing for the church service, then we went to their youth Sunday school, then prayed as a part of their prayer meeting, etc.  The service then started at 10:30am with our praise band rocking out some serious worship tunes towards Christ.  After about 3 songs, I got up and preached on what it means to be created in the image of God, how that image in us was affedcted by sin, and how we can be restored in the image of God specifically through Christ (Gen 1, Gen 3, Col 1, Col 3).  

After the service, we helped the church plant tear everything down since they are meeting in a school.  Then we all went over to the park for some lunch (subway sandwiches), a brief orientation with the rules about the week, and we had some good play time mixed in there as well.  After lunch and orientation, we went over to check out one of the three Olympic Training Centers in the U.S. stationed right here in Chula Vista, CA.  It was an immaculate 150 acre spot of state of the art training equipment and fields for our supreme athletes. 

After the Olympic Training Center tour, we took all of our students to Target to pick up a few things they might need for the week.  Then we took them to the famous western restaurant hot-spot…Panda Express.  That’s some of the best fast food Chinese you can get!  We then came back to the hotel for 2 or 3 hours of swimming.  After the swimming we met in the hotel conference room, and I just asked one question in 3 different ways: in what way do you want to see God change you most this week?  what is your biggest prayer request this week for your own life?  where do you see yourself lacking most where you need God to work in your life most?  I absolutely love being a student ministry where every student shares, every student doesn’t mind being honest and personal, every student is aware of their sin, and every student is aware of their need for Christ and His gospel.  We then ended up going to bed…and that was the day. 

Prayer requests from the day: Please pray that God used the church service in a powerful way for all who attended that morning. 

Please pray that we continue to get to know and get along well with the leadership here, the group from Houston that we are serving along side, and the Cali kids who will be in our spiritual care. 

Please pray for John who was our tour guide at the Olympic Training Center.  He needs Jesus!

Please continue to pray for our group to become even more burdened and broken for the city of San Diego, its children, and its families…and the need for the gospel of Christ to reign here!

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