San Diego, CA Mission Trip Day #1

VisionSDWhat is the San Diego, CA Mission Trip?  Well, in our student ministry, we take our 7th graders and up to a missions based summer camp for a week (beginner level).  We take our 9th graders and up to a missions training conference for a week (intermediate level).  And we take our 11th graders and up to a full-blown all-out mission trip for a week.  This year we’re rocking some sweet missions opps in San Diego!

So yesterday (Saturday), we flew out for San Diego.  We had 2 relatively smooth flights.  5 of our students had never flown before!  We arrived in San Diego at about 5pm, and didn’t get out of the rental car place until about 6pm…or a little later.  I so almost scored a Mini-Cooper, but Bart (much more mature adult leader) totally talked me out of it.  It was a good move on his part…but I sure wanted that convertible Cooper to drive around Cali in!  

We got to the hotel around 7pm, got checked in, got settled in, and walked across the street to get some gourmet beef at this cool California fast-food place called Burger King (ok, yes…its the same one).  Walked off our burgers as we went back across the street to our hotel.  We had a brief instructional meeting, and then we just let the students swim, play, chill-out, and prepare for the week of missions at hand…plus that gave me a chance to study for my sermon the next morning.  We gave them until 11:30pm to have lights out and going to sleep…and I’m pretty sure everyone was conked out before then.  It was definitely a great day to arrive to our city we want to help out in reaching, and to prepare mentally, physically, and spiritually for the week at hand.

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