CBSM: White Water Rafting Trip!

White Water Rafting

Click Name for File: White Water Rafting Waiver (pdf)

7.27.09 UPDATE!  Meet at the church at 6:45am.  We will stop for a quick breakfast on the way.  Bring a sack lunch and a drink with you (we will provide the coolers).  Wear good rafting clothes with closed toe shoes (NO CROCS).  Old tennis shoes or water shoes are the best.  Bring a dry change of clothes to wear home.  We should be home around 7pm Thursday night.  Please print the waver that is posted here on the blog, have a parent sign it, and bring it with you or give it to Mrs. Penny on Wednesday night.  PLEASE text (652.3567) or email Mrs. Penny ( to let her know you got this email.  Remember, you need to bring a little money for a quick breakfast, money for a supper on the way home, and $5 to help pay gas in the vehicle you will be riding in!  See you bright and early Thursday morning. 

CBSM!  Think WHITE.  Think WATER.  Think RAFTING.  If you don’t get it by now…go back to sleep.  That’s right, we’re taking you on a student ministry White Water Rafting trip to the Ocoee River in Tennessee.  Get pumped!  We will leave Thursday, July 30th at 8:00am and will return that night.  The total cost for the trip is $30 for rafting and $5 for gas (to whoever gives you a ride).  Yes, we are asking you to find your own ride.  The trip is about 3 hours long each way.  We will have some drivers going, but most students will need to find their own ride.  And NO, students cannot drive themselves…but thanks for asking.  You will need money for lunch and supper, and you must be at least 12 years old to raft.  We’re making this a quick trip just before back to school, so we’re asking you to sign up quickly and get your money in by this Wednesday, July 8.  All you need to turn in is your $30 check to Penny Fowler (payable to Capshaw Baptist) tomorrow (Sunday), or this Wednesday (July 8).  If you want to go but you can’t pay your money yet, just call Penny Fowler to keep a spot for you open.  If you need more info, you can check out  Let’s do this!

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