Storyline #46: Ruth 4 “All the Single Guys: How to get your Ruth”

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The issue of God’s sovereignty can always be so confusing in premarital relationships.  Are singles supposed to sit back and wait on God to bring along the right person, or are we supposed to find them ourselves?  It can get real tricky late in the relationship when you’re trying to figure out if God wants you married or if you’ve made everything happen yourself.  Nevertheless, we desperately depend on His control!

            It seemed to just so happen that the day Boaz sat down at the place of community business deals…up came walking the closer redeemer of Ruth (Ruth 4:1).  This brings us back to the beginning of the book.  God’s sovereignty is all over this story!  The book started with a widowed mother and her daughter-in-law who basically have nothing.  Ruth seems to just so happen to work in the fields of Boaz.  Boaz seems to just so happen notice and take interest in Ruth.  Again, the sovereignty of God is all up in the writing of this story, and singles today must trust God.  If you’re someone who has single friends around you dropping like flies and getting into relationships, just stay away from the “what about me, God? game”.  Have faith that He’s in control, that He’ll bring His person for your life at the right time, and that you’re way better off fully serving God in your singleness than miserably being with the wrong person.  God’s sovereignty is right.

            Boaz tells the walking-by closer kinsman redeemer to sit down (Ruth 4:2-3).  Notice how Boaz is assertive and strong in his leadership, not second guessing himself.  The closer kinsman is unnamed in this passage probably because he’s not worthy enough to be named.  So Boaz just calls him “friend” kind of like guys today call each other “bud, dog, dude, or chief” if they don’t know the other’s name.  Boaz then began working through his business deal pitch.  Boaz told “Bud” that he (Bud) was first in line to buy Naomi’s land, and that he should buy it in the presence of all the elders of the city (4:3-4).  Boaz is crazy-shrewd by coming across on bud’s side.  He is being fair and lawful.  Just as Boaz probably expected, Bud said that he’d buy the land.  So, Boaz went into the second part of his pitch telling Bud that its not just land he’s getting…but he’d also be getting a wife (Ruth with baggage) and a bitter, old mother-in-law as an extra added bonus.  Hearing the whole deal, Bud declined and Boaz bought it in front of all the elders (4:5-12).  Men today must be honest, but we also must be wise in our business dealings.  We need to know how to work a deal, to handle finances, and to shrewdly go for what we want.  Young men today need to find work, get a job, and be preparing to provide for a family…unlike Bud whose name is not even known in the community.  What a loser.

            So, the plans were made, the dress was bought, and they got hitched.  Boaz and Ruth had their first son shortly thereafter (4:13).  Remember, who you date is going to determine who you will marry.  They will be your life-long partner, they’ll be the other parent to your children, and you’ll be with them every day.  Think through the most crucial issues now such as do they love Christ, are they serving in the church, do you agree on husband and wife roles, and do you have parenting convictions in common?

            As the book of Ruth started out with a widowed Naomi who became very bitter towards God, the book ends with a beaming Naomi who is bouncing a bubbly baby boy on her lap (4:14-21).  But this isn’t just any baby boy, this is baby Obed who became the grandfather of David.  This is the very lineage of Christ (Matt 1)!  Notice how this whole story culminates in Jesus Christ.  He is the Redeemer. He is the fulfillment of this blessed family. He is the man who pursues, protects, and perfectly loves His bride: the church.  God in His sovereignty orchestrated a beautiful story that began in hopeless tragedies of death and despair, but ended in birth and a hope for a coming Redeemer of the world.

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