Storyline #46: Ruth 4 “All the Single Guys: How to get your Ruth” (Pastor Brandon Edition)

3 - 4Free files for youth pastors:

3 – Ruth 4 – Single Guys (mp3 – pastor brandon)

3 – Ruth 4 – Single Guys (brandon notes)

3 – Ruth 4 – Single Guys (ppt)

I asked our phenomenal worship pastor to come in and handle this last chapter/sermon on Ruth in our series “The Love Connection.”  I did this for several reasons.  First, the last chapter of Ruth deals a lot with marriage, honeymoon, and having a first kid.  None of which I have ever been a part of!  So I figured he could speak from a little more experience than I.  Secondly, we designed the series to where the last sermon would be  a serious challenge to the guys to be real manly dudes for Jesus.  Brandon is as manly as a dude can get.  The guys hear from me basically every week about how to be a real man who lives for a real King, so I figured it’d be great for them to hear from another dude on how to be this kind of guy.  Lastly, Brandon is not only a phenomenal worship leader, but he’s also a super spiritually gifted preacher of God’s Word.  I want our students to be blessed by his speaking gifts…so this was the perfect opportunity.  I hope you enjoy the mp3, his notes, and more as much as we did when hearing him deliver this spectacular sermon for “All the Single Guys” on “How to get your Ruth.”

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