Storyline #45: Ruth 3 “All the Single Ladies: How to get your Boaz”

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The biggest criticism I get about my ministry is that I’m not reaching out enough to our girls.  I preach a lot with our guys in mind and hang out with them a lot to make sure they are growing as godly, masculine, and manly kind of guys.  Besides, I’d just be one weird and awkward youth pastor if I spent all that kind of time with the girls!  Throughout church history, the church has always been filled with godly men who lead the church and their families.  But this message is for our ladies to be godly, feminine, and teach them how to get their Boaz.  Guys need to read this to get this kind of girl. 

So far, the story of Ruth goes like this…  This dude Elimilech marries this lady, Naomi.  They have two sons who each find a wife.  Tragically, all three men die and leave all three ladies as poor as all get out.  Ruth (one of the daughters-in-law) stays back to take care of Naomi.  While gathering food for Naomi, Ruth meets Boaz.

Ruth chapter 3 picks up the story where Boaz takes interest in Ruth At this point, Ruth hasn’t heard from him for a little while, so her mother-in-law gives her some advice on how to get his attention again…and more (Ruth 3:1-5)!  Too many teenage girls today think it’s ridiculous to involve their parents in their dating life, but news flash… parents have at least a tad more experience in the love, dating, and marriage department than their daughter does.  Naomi tells her that Boaz is Mr. Right for Ruth, to be a woman who takes care of herself to be attractive for him, to give him some dude space during his dude time, and then to submit to him.  Gasp! Submit?  Read 1 Peter 3:1-6 to see how godly submission is God’s plan for a real, biblical relationship.

So, Ruth doesn’t just listen but obeys Naomi (Ruth 3:6-13).  When Boaz falls asleep, she tip-toes like a ninja to him, uncovers his feet, and lies down.  When he needs to turn over, he probably notices his feet are either stuck or completely numb.  He says, “Oh my gosh; there is a woman at my feet…there is a God!”  No, no. Actually, Boaz asks her who she is.  Ruth answers with her name and says that he can spread his wings over her since she is there as his servant, and he is her redeemer. 

There are several things going on here.  First, Ruth is proposing to Boaz that he should propose to her for marriage.  Second, spreading wings (literally a blanket) over a woman is a proper proposal in that culture.  Third, she claims to be his servant meaning that she would fully submit her life to him.  Last, she calls him her redeemer, meaning he is an appropriate man who can save her out of the bondage of poverty, widowhood, etc.

As we said in the last message, this true story is ultimately a picture of Christ’s love for His church.  Jesus is our redeemer.  The first major picture of redemption is in the Exodus when God rescued His enslaved people from Egypt.  Then there are small pictures of redemption, like the book of Ruth, that point forward to The Great Redemption of Christ for His church.  We have it all backwards if we’re pursuing an earthly love story and we don’t have our heavenly love story covered yet.  Just like Ruth to Boaz, we need to ask our Redeemer (Jesus Christ) to redeem us by confessing our sinfulness, believing in His death and resurrection for our salvation, and submitting to His Lordship over our lives.  Then we’ll be ready for a real relationship!  It’s so rare that Boaz didn’t touch her or take advantage of the situation like he could have.  Instead, he kept her private purity and her public reputation in tact (3:13-14).  Guys, be different like this.  Be the brakes and not the gas when it comes to getting all touchy with the girls!

So here we go with a final shout-out to the single ladies…be sweet, be submissive, be a Ruth willing to wait for your Boaz (3:18).  This is God’s plan for your life to reflect the church as she loves and follows her Christ.  Guys, take great care of her!

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