For Your Listening Pleasure: A Whole Student Worship Service

For all you youth pastors or other curious blog readers, I’m posting an mp3 and a written service order for an entire student service we do.  You can follow along the service order document while listening to the mp3 to see what we do and how we do it…if you’re interested.  This was such a fun night with our Price is Right video, or “Come On Down” game, our awesome worship together, and a great time together in God’s Word.  I hope you enjoy it!  Oh, and the LOVE CONNECTION promo video (by our Student Ministry Media Coordinator) is amazing!  We used it as our sermon intro video.  Let us know what you think!

Whole Student Worship Service of Ruth 1-2: Don’t Play the Dating Game (mp3) [This mp3 includes video opener, game, announcements, prayer, worship, preaching, and more worship!]

1 – Ruth 1-2 – Meeting (order of service)

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