NETMA for week of May 3, 2009

NETMA 05.03.09 (pdf document)

Since we only had one church service yesterday from the Swine Flu, many of you may have not gotten an opportunity to have one of our NETMAs for this week.  So here you go.  As you know, its full of this week’s hottest and most important announcements and juciest gossip at CBSM.  Okay, minus the gossip…I was just trying to get you to read it.  I’m sure some of you already read it just to see without getting to this sentence yet!  But, especially pay attention to the Scripture reading this week, be reading it, come and listen to CURT preach this Wednesday, and be prepared to talk this coming Sunday morning all about it.

For those of you who don’t know about our NETMA, it stands for “Nobody Ever Tells Me Anything.”  CBSM was already doing this before I came, and its such a great tradition that I didn’t even consider stopping it.  The NETMA is a weekly newsletter for our parents and students to keep them up to date with all the happenings in the student ministry that week, and all the important upcoming stuff.  Andrew England is our amazing Media Guy who designs the NETMA from scratch, keeps it looking cool, and fills in all the important stuff.  I also break out into a cold sweat whenever I wonder where our ministry would be without him!  Youth pastors, if you need a copy of our blank NETMA to fill in your own info, just contact me!

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