Storyline #42: Judges 9-12 “Deliverance by Death: Jephthah, Jesus, and You” (Logan Heck Style – Junior in High School)

4-titleFree files for youth pastors:

4 – Judges 9-12 – Jephthah (mp3)

4 – Judges 9-12 – Jephthah (Chip’s notes)

4 – Judges 9-12 – Jephthah (order of service)

4 – Judges 9-12 – Jephthah (ppt)

4 – Judges 9-12 – Jephthah (fillout sheet)

Logan Heck is one of the coolest teens you’ll ever meet.  He’s that kid where he doesn’t care what you think about him, but all he cares about is…you!  This dude seriously loves pretty much everyone.  But don’t let his loving nature fool you, the kid is a beast when he plays defensive lineman for the largest high school in the state of Alabama.  I met Logan just over a year ago now.  He wasn’t super involved in our church, but he did come to our Disciple Now.  There, God radically revamped his life for Jesus.  It was a complete turn around!  Now, we couldn’t keep Logan away from the church if we tried (and we’re definitely not going to)!  He loves coming to the church to serve, he takes it upon himself to go to the downtown rescue mission to witness, and he is incredibly passionate about everything he does for Jesus.  We have many of what we call “Logan Stories’ in our student ministry because whenever we go on a  trip….Logan does and says the craziest stuff!  Everyone knows him as a hilarious cut-up, but when this guy gets the Word of God in his hands…he’s a whole different person.  He turns into one of the most passionate preacher you’ve ever heard!!

All of our KTL guys are different.  Logan is the guy that is called to be a missionary, and he’s really praying about fulfilling that call as a chaplain in the Army.  He’s praying about attending Boyce College at Southern Seminary in Louisville.  Logan is super passionate about evangelizing the lost…and you will be able to tell that when you hear his mp3!  He totally gets the Word, he gets Christocentrism, and he gets how to preach.  I guarantee you…most of our students were SHOCKED to hear him last night!

He came out strong right out of the shoot.  He explained his passage very clearly.  He pointed the passage to Christ perfectly.  And he applied it to the students lives in a convicting way.  You’ll love the mp3!

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